Making it happen: My Industrial Fashion Shoot

Hey Guys,
the last Image I uploaded on my social channels raised quite a bit of attention and a lot of people asked me about a Making Of. Well here it is for you! 

This shoot is inspired by the beautiful work of Mr Kristian Schuller. 

Pia. 2015.

Pia. 2015.

Lighting & Camerasystem

To make this shoot happen, I used a Hensel Porty Premium Plus 1200 with an attached Hensel Grand 90, which is a a parabolic reflector with a diameter of 90cm. The Grand gives a very crisp light without beeing too harsh.  

The used Camerasystem was a Phase One ADF+ 645 Camera with an attached IQ160 digital back. The lens that I used was a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm 2.8 

The Model was metered for f 5.6 and the Background was metered to f 2.8 in order to get a contrasty and dramatic look in the whole image. 

The Shoot itself

Taking into consideration that we only hat an limited amount of flour (i bought like 3kg), we had to work very concentrated and focused. I took only 80 frames during two hours of shooting. I should mention as well the people who participated in this shoot as an image like this wouldnt be possible with a lot of helping hands. I had two assistants, one dog owner and one makeup artist standing behind the camera to make all this happen! 

my very simple lighting setup for this shoot. 

my very simple lighting setup for this shoot. 

The Final Retouch

Of course this images is professionally retouched. My good friend Alllen Turner participated in this shoot and gave the Image the Final Look. Head of to his Blog to see the whole retouching process of this Image! 

Alllans Blog